Friday, May 22, 2009

About a new list

I'll try this again

31 things I like to do before I turn 31

1. Make pictures in a photobooth
2. Try a dish in a restaurant wich I haven't tasted before
3. Have a pillowfight
4. Colour my nails
5. Teach Sjors some english words
6. Organise all photo’s. Make photobooks! Via blurp
7. Write a creative text. A story or a poem
8. Do guerilla art
9. Drink a caiprihna
10. Run, without hesitation, into the cold water of the sea
11. Organise a party for someone else
12. Visit a museum where I've never been before
13. Purchase the perfect summerdress
14. Make a selfportrait everyday, for a whole year
15. Do something that makes me feel very proud of myself
16. Go old fashioned rope skipping
17. Make a new skirt
18. Design 3 prints
19. Collect all funny statements/sentences from the boys
20. Dance in the rain
21. Learn Driek how to ride a bicycle
22. Get muscular pains from laughing
23. Surprise someone
24. Explore the familiar
25. Make new friends
26. Plan for a miracle
27. Read a dutch classic novel
28. Try not to complain for 21 days!
29. Enter a competition
30. Fill a book with special things, ideas/pictures/words- start an Angelique project
31. Take a subscription at the library